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Sara, born in Alicante is a person passionate about the art world. She started her studies of interior design in Newcastle (England) where she began to develop her creativity with painting, sculpture, pattern making and interior design.

Sara despite her youth has a long experience. Since 2010, when she made her first interior design project, she has not stopped growing professionally, participating in numerous projects in the retail and residential sector.

Among her personal projects and that perfectly define this versatile interior designer, highlights its YouTube channel, with over 5,000 thousand followers today.

Count on our interior design studio in Alicante and the entire Muxasari team to transform the home of your dreams into reality

How we conceive the reforms in our interior design studio in Alicante

Our renovation and interior design company in Alicante always adapts to your budget, looking for the optimal solution, within the values ​​of excellence, quality, harmony and elegance. We take care of the entire reform project, from start to finish, our goal is your peace of mind.

We start with an ideal communication so that the client transmits us his ideas and wishes about the interior design and reform of his home or commercial premises, then, we get “to work” to give the best structure and beauty to your project, taking care of every detail with commitment and professionalism in a timely manner.

Throughout the process of interior design and reform of your home or business you will be well advised in terms of design, materials, texture, space, colors, walls, floors, lighting and of course furniture and decoration accessories that fit perfectly with everything created.

Muxasari - Interior design studio in Alicante

Muxasari – Interior design studio in Alicante

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Muxasari – Interior design studio in Alicante

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The interior design is a reflection of the ideas that the client transfers to the professional so that he can carry them out. It gives you the opportunity to transform a space by creating a differentiation according to their needs and desires.

Interior design not only reforms but also maintains attractive visual order to complete the desire of each person. The interior designer looks for the best solution to achieve a liveable environment thinking not only in aesthetics but also in functionality offering practical solutions.

Interior design is a halfway point between Architecture and Decoration.

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