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At Muxasari, a renovation company in Alicante, we love our work, well-done renovations and happy customers.

In this case, we designed an interior design and comprehensive house renovation in Alicante. This comprehensive renovation consisted of the total renovation of spaces in the home of our client Joses, living room, kitchen, common areas, stairs, bedrooms and bathrooms. A project that required a lot of attention to the planning and execution of this comprehensive house renovation in Alicante. We wanted the customer to be very satisfied.

Quality materials were chosen, with a lot of resistance and elegance at the same time, leaving a kitchen-living room with lots of light and spaciousness, just as our client needed.

For the staircase renovation, we thought it was a part with a lot of potential to design something that would stand out in the house. As you can see, we focused a lot of attention on its renovation and interior design so that the final result was impressive. It is a key part that has to merge and combine well with the style of the upper floor of the house.

For this interior design and comprehensive house renovation in Alicante, we used the color white to give it light. The windows were enlarged and we made a custom closet for greater practicality and storage. To enhance the room we chose a unique tile with undulating shapes in relief and with a lot of personality. Renovating a double room means creating a place where the couple feels that it is one of their favorite spaces in the house. Consult our interior design studio for more info.

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Comprehensive house renovation in Alicante


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Muxasari | Renovation of apartments in Alicante

Comprenhensive house renovation in Alicante

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