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Our company of interior design and comprehensive bathroom renovations in Alicante, plans, designs and executes all comprehensive bathroom renovation projects in Alicante. We have more than 10 years of experience and passion for renovation projects. At Muxasari we are pleased to be part of your future bathroom, full of comfort, functionality and with a touch of personal style.

Our specialized team of comprehensive bathroom renovations in Alicante will take care of everything that is necessary in each phase of the project so that your comprehensive bathroom renovation is a complete success and you have nothing to worry about.

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Bathroom renovations in Alicante


At Muxasari we have our own staff for interior design and comprehensive bathroom renovations in Alicante: interior designers, architects, electricians, masons, plumbers, plasterers, experts in home air conditioning and much more. We are a company specializing in interior design and reforms in Alicante, Elche, San Vicente del Raspeig, San Juan and Benidorm. Professionals and details in all your projects.

We adapt to your budget, looking for the optimal solution, within the values ​​of excellence, quality, harmony and elegance.

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New trends in bathroom renovations in Alicante for 2022

In the current comprehensive bathroom renovations in Alicante, the new trends for bathrooms in 2022 are closely followed. Our comprehensive reforms company adapts the bathroom to the needs of our clients by introducing new and innovative trends for this key space in all home. Today’s interior design aims to cover more than basic needs, and seeks a space where it gives its inhabitants a habitat of relaxation and calm after a long day. Don’t miss out on the new bathroom trends for 2022 in Alicante and surroundings.

Wood is always trending

Nowadays, the use of wood in bathrooms has been giving solutions to the durability of this porous natural material when before there were many doubts regarding its use and impermeability. Even the floor covering has evolved in such a way that many bathroom floors have wood-look ceramic tiles. This material makes your bathroom more energetic and welcoming.

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Light in the bathroom mirrors

This type of backlit mirrors with LED lights will make your bathroom walls free of elements and illuminate this space with lower consumption and less aggressive lights. Within this type of mirror, there is a wide variety of sizes and shapes depending on the tastes of the client. In this way we will provide the room with a modern, cozy and elegant atmosphere.

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Suspended toilets

This type of toilets, unlike traditional ones, are attached to the walls instead of being supported on the floor, allowing more space on the bathroom floor. This design goes beyond an elegant and modern aesthetic, making your bathroom a more practical, functional and comfortable space when it comes to cleaning it by having the floor free of elements.

Muxasari | Suspended toilets Bathroom renovations in Alicante

Marble and stone are back in trend

In 2022, marble and stone return to the new bathrooms with star colors such as gray and white. This material will not only be present in sink countertops, but will also be in the shower, walls and floors. This type of bathroom interior design with natural materials such as marble and stone will evoke a majestic and elegant vision and texture. In our bathroom renovations in alicante, we like to be up to date with innovations.

Muxasari | Marble and Stone at Bathroom renovations in Alicante

monochrome bathrooms

Increasingly there is a trend in interior design towards monochromatic bathrooms. The key to a good result and not being boring is to play with shades of the same color for the different bathroom elements (sink, bathtub, toilet), in this way the bathroom will be given a modern, elegant and minimalist look.

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